New city development is an important way for all countries in the world, especially developing countries, to promote urbanization.

What are the underlying mechanisms, efficiency and sustainability features?


Mechanisms, Efficiency, Sustainability

It is one of the most wide-spread urban development approaches to spur local, regional, and national economic development today. In the past 20 years, China has accumulated rich practical experience in new city development and has also formed numerous localized development models. Some ghost towns have remained under-occupied for years, but we also observe a few thriving ghost towns after some years of development.

Research Goals:

  1. Global observatory and international comparative studies of new city developments.

  2. Multi-player coordination mechanisms and resource investment decisions shaping new city developments.

  3. Location decision, efficiency and sustainability evaluation for new city development.



The findings will advance our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of new city development in China, and their efficiency and sustainability features. Our research can provide policy implications for future new city development.