MIT China Future City Lab Signs as a Data Partner toDeepen its Innovation-entrepreneurship Big Data Involvement

By MIT-CFC•15 Jun, 2018, a leading innovation and entrepreneurship service provider in China, and the MIT China Future City Lab (MIT CFC Lab), recently announced that the two have reached a data cooperation deal in will become one of MIT CFC Lab's Data Partners. The two will cooperate on innovation, entrepreneurship, economic and geographic research, human capital and innovation vitality research, and supply and demand mechanism research pertaining to co-working spaces, exploring new models for upgrading and developing innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.


Economic and geographic research primarily uses innovation and entrepreneurial big data so the pioneering open online product, an Innovation-entrepreneurship Map, will provide important data support to both enterprises. The two have already started relevant research work in this field.


MIT-CFC Lab is a lab focused on Chinese urban studies, which was jointly established by the Center for Real Estate (CRE) and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) at MIT. The lab’s current research projects mainly focus on urban economics and real estate research. It has also established academic cooperation programs with many well-known MIT labs, including the Media Lab, the Senseable City Lab, and the Real Estate Innovation Lab.


Research by MIT CFC Lab studying Chinese industry relevance and complexity is the leading innovation and entrepreneurship service platform in China and the pioneering national high-tech enterprise. It focuses on the resources advantages of internet, enterprise services, venture capital, and other areas. Through vertical information products, innovation-entrepreneurship data services, business services, and other comprehensive innovation services, it has built an online and offline integrated innovation and entrepreneurship service platform.


Online and offline integrated innovation and entrepreneurship service platform by

Innovation-entrepreneurship data is one of the centerpieces of The innovation-entrepreneurship map, a part of the open online product of, is the largest Chinese map of innovation and entrepreneurship, which benefits’s clients in their usage of innovation and entrepreneurial data. In 2017, its innovation-entrepreneurship data product won the recognition and attention of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and other leaders on several important occasions including the National Innovation-entrepreneurship Week and the 30th Anniversary of the Torch Incubation, and has been reported several times by CCTV News Broadcasts.

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Innovation-entrepreneurship map by

In accordance with the research progress of the projects, the MIT CFC Lab will jointly launch Innovation-entrepreneurship data analysis reports with The MIT CFC Lab will also include as a platform for its cooperation in releasing regional and urban innovation vitality indices in the mainland of China. In addition, the two will cooperate in the realm of talent exchange and big data analysis technology of Innovation-entrepreneurship research.