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Economic Analysis of Urban Development and Environmental Sustainability  

Spring 2020

instructor: Siqi Zheng

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China's Urbanization, Digital Technology, and Innovation Market 

IAP + Spring 2020

instructor: Zhengzhen Tan, John Grant,

Yasheng Huang

11.006/ 11.366/ 15.2371/ 15.237


China’s Growth: Political Economy, Business and Urbanization 

Spring 2020 H4

instructor: Yasheng Huang, Siqi Zheng, Zhengzhen Tan

15.s23/15.s41 / 11.s188/11.s954


Urban China Research Seminar 

Fall 2019

instructor: Siqi Zheng


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Clean Air and Green Travel 

Spring 2020

instructor: Siqi Zheng, Jianghao Wang,

Fábio Duarte